Campus surveillance security

With facilities and students spread across large or multiple campuses, the monitoring of education facilities brings special challenges. Ensuring student safety and reducing vandalism to valuable campus property is paramount.

Keep enrollment high

Apex3 Systems intelligent solutions help you maintain a safe learning environment for your students and staff by reducing incidents of campus theft and violence.

Resolve incidents faster

Apex3 Systems simple and intuitive interface and connectivity makes it easy for your security staff to quickly retrieve evidence, speed up response times and resolve incidents faster.

Make budgets go further

Apex3 systems deliver better coverage with fewer cameras than traditional systems, resulting in lower installation costs and fewer on-campus security personnel. Our campus surveillance solutions will save you money and free up financial resources for other school needs.

Ready, set, go

Our plug-and-play cameras require minimal training and installation, which means your security team can hit the ground running, and you can stay focused on
 your students.

Apex3 Systems end-to-end intelligent solutions enhance the safety of your students; staff and campus property by delivering unprecedented image detail and intelligence no other system can match. Our components integrate easily with existing systems – including access control and alarm notifications – to boost their current capabilities, allowing for greater coverage and superior detail of student activity. Apex3 Systems will help you prevent incidents and maintain the integrity of your school by providing the best evidence possible.

  • Reduced investigation times
  • Maintained outstanding safety grade
  • Decreased mischievous behavior
  • Increased student and staff safety
  • Reduced system costs by 15%

  • Ensured campus maintenance

Keep students and property safe with Apex3 systems intelligent end-to-end solutions.

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