Healthcare surveillance security

Surveillance security in the healthcare provides a welcoming and safe environment for patients, staff and visitors while protecting millions of dollars in technology and equipment.

Keep patients safe and secure

Our solutions provide the image detail you
'll need to remotely monitor patients who need regular supervision, while also preventing unauthorized access by unregistered visitors.

Prevent invalid liability claims

Get the evidence you need to investigate false liability claims and reduce unnecessary and expensive insurance costs.

Integrate with existing systems, within budget

Our scalable platform allows you to seamlessly integrate your existing legacy equipment with our HD IP-based system, giving you the benefits of an IP network without significant added cost.

Monitor for theft and loss

Our high-definition solutions give you the detail you need to deter drug diversions and reduce the theft of expensive medical equipment and patient's personal belongings.

Improve worker productivity

Apex3’s intelligent security solutions allow you to monitor multiple patients and areas at the same time in high-definition.

Apex3 Systems end-to-end intelligent solutions deliver unprecedented image detail to keep patients and personnel safe and secure while reducing hospital costs. Our solutions are open and scalable, and integrate easily with existing systems – including access control – to boost their current capabilities. You'll get greater and more accurate coverage to increase staff and patient safety by providing your hospital with the best detail possible.

  • Saved operational costs
  • Faster, cost-effective investigations
  • Resolved patient/staff conflicts

Keep your assets safe and your patients safer with Apex3 systems intelligent security solutions.

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