Hybrid Security Solutions

With our unique hybrid security solutions, we can effectively become an on-site security officer. Our security analysts can see, hear and communicate with employees, visitors and potential trespassers. Analysts can also make announcements during times of particular exposure, such as openings, closings, and deliveries. Often-preventing crime before it happens. Employees can also trigger an alarm if an event occurs and get an immediate response from a live person who can assess the situation in real time. Our solution has been uniquely designed to deter criminal activity and increase operational efficiency. With our hybrid security solution, your employees and customers will know a powerful security presence is always monitoring you critical assets with interactive capabilities, and live on-site response.

Interactive Surveillance

With our advanced interactive surveillance solutions, you can virtually see all, hear all and know all. Our security analysts are able to watch, listen to and speak directly to any of your locations from our command center. This real-time technology provides video and audio verification to law enforcement and significantly reduces false alarms. Our interactive solution is the closest thing to being there.

Video Verification

When an alarm is triggered, our security analyst views the location using surveillance assets on premises, If there’s suspicious activity, authorities are notified immediately. This invaluable tool can reduce late night wake-up calls and virtually eliminate false alarm fines.

Virtual Guard Services

Think of our security analysts as virtual security officers watching over your assets and responding as needed. They can conduct virtual tours, safely escort employees on and off the premises and keep your business secure 24/7 across multiple locations.

Remote Tours

Remote tours can be conducted on a scheduled or random basis. This service notifies loiterers, unwanted patrons and potential criminals that all activity is being monitored and recorded. The random and periodic nature of these tours helps deter criminal activity and internal theft.

Rapid Response

Using two-way audio coupled with our surveillance solutions, our security analysts can minimize serious threats and assist with emergencies. When an alarm is activated, we respond instantly, notifying the location, via a loud speaker, that activity is being monitored and recorded. If necessary, law enforcement and company contacts can then be alerted via a call tree. Alarms can be triggered through any number of means, including panic buttons, wireless pendants, contact breaks and motion detectors.

  • Handles loiterers, disorderly customers and potential criminals

  • Takes employees out of conflicts
  • Resolves 98% of employee alerts without police involvement
  • Provides coverage 24/7/365

  • Offers an immediate, real-time response

For every security application, Apex3 Systems has a solution to meet your needs.

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