Store and merchandise surveillance

Shoplifting and false liability claims add unnecessary costs to your bottom line. Keep retail shoppers safe and reduce vandalism. Control access to and monitor hallways, retail space and parking lots with Apex3 systems intelligent security solutions.

Improve store merchandising and store profitability

With Apex3 Systems, you can remotely view any retail setting to analyze consumer shopping habits and traffic patterns to improve store merchandising and profitability.

Clarity to identify shoplifters

The unparalleled image detail of Apex3 Systems end-to- end solutions provides you with the ability to identify and deter employee theft and shoplifters to minimize instances of theft and loss.

Keep liability claims to a minimum

Apex3 Systems provide the image detail needed
to quickly and accurately identify false liability claims, helping to lower the costs associated with unnecessary insurance expenses.

Reduce vandalism and keep parking lots safe

Vehicle vandalism and theft account for a significant portion of retail losses. Apex3 broad range of megapixel cameras can improve coverage to reduce losses and maintain a safe and secure environment for customer.

Apex3 Systems intelligent solutions prevent theft
 and shrinkage while improving employee and customer safety by delivering unprecedented image detail and coverage that no other system can match. Our components integrate easily with your existing infrastructure – including point-of-sale transaction systems – to boost their current capabilities, allowing you to gain access to 24/7 monitoring to improve performance and profitability.

  • Protect assets
Leverage existing infrastructure
  • Reduced liability costs
  • Reduced theft by 60%

  • Improved footage quality

Keep inventory and employees safe with Apex3 systems intelligent end-to-end solutions.

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